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Facultad de emprendimiento - Arte de Emprender título

What is it?

The Art of Entrepreneurship is a pedagogical innovation led by UR Emprende that aims to promote the Rosarista spirit by integrating art and entrepreneurship as a means to foster talent. This initiative aims to develop entrepreneurial skills, encourage emotional well-being, and instill values that contribute to the implementation of purpose-driven life goals. The entire Rosarista community can actively participate in spaces for personal and professional development with the ambition of becoming a creative force in society.

Facultad de emprendimiento - Arte de Emprender

Our Experiences

Our Rosarista Entrepreneurs - Chapter 1 - Antonio Pulido
5 questions for setting inspiring life goals with Diego Noriega
The Sofa with Juan Manuel Barrientos



Talleres Exposición Soñarte, los impresionistas, Exposición Soñarte, el cubismo, Exposición Somos Energía Creadora

Workshops: Soñarte Exhibition, Impressionists, Soñarte Exhibition, Cubism, We Are a Creative Force Exhibition

The workshops are spaces created for sharing an interest in art and what it can bring to an entrepreneurial project. Its goal is to foster skills that promote creativity, innovation, and comprehensive education.

Campaña de Exposición SoñArte

SoñArte Exhibition Campaign

The exhibition SoñARTE “We Are a Creative Force” was created in collaboration with UR Emprende, the Museum, and the Dean of Student Services to inspire everyone who wants to create and innovate. All artists that have taken part in the exhibition found a way to reinvent art. They took a risk and persevered in their entrepreneurial ventures with their creative energy, passion, and determination. Our goal is for people to discover these great artists through this exhibition, thus helping them find inspiration in their accomplishments in order to foster their talents and encourage them to enthusiastically pursue their vocation.

Virtual Exhibition: Visionaries through Time - Entrepreneurial Ventures that Transcend

The virtual exhibition Visionaries Through Time, Entrepreneurial Ventures that Transcend was presented in collaboration with UR Emprende, our Historical Archive, and the Universidad del Rosario Museum. Through this exhibition, we aim to appreciate and recognize the entrepreneurial spirit and social commitment of university members since its establishment. Recognized for their entrepreneurial skills and ability to identify opportunities, they have become changemakers, playing a fundamental role in the progress and well-being of our country.


The aim of this course is for students to develop and identify skills inspired by the characteristics of artists and entrepreneurs in their creative processes, including values and emotions. Characteristics such as intuition, creativity, the ability to have an impact, and the ability to identify opportunities in diverse environments are key components of an artist’s work. Similarly, these characteristics have been identified as central in entrepreneurial endeavors. For this reason, this course aims to integrate both of these fields and contribute to the comprehensive education of students.

Community of Practice

The purpose of the community of practice is to develop the Art of Entrepreneurship as a pedagogical innovation through academic and interdisciplinary collaboration among different members of the Rosarista community. Those interested in contributing ideas and guidance from their field of expertise come together to implement this project.

Straightforward Entrepreneurship (1st Season)

Straightforward Entrepreneurship is an audiovisual project presented in the format of short episodes designed for digital platforms. Its purpose is to share knowledge and spark interest in topics related to entrepreneurship.

Straightforward Entrepreneurship (2nd Season)

The second season of “Straightforward Entrepreneurship” is a program that was created by the Universidad del Rosario’s Entrepreneurship Center in collaboration with Compensar. It is aimed at improving educational processes by sharing knowledge and creating an entrepreneurial culture using practical and didactic tools. In the second season, the program has 2 series, with a total of 24 videos. Its objective is to educate, inspire, inform, and offer valuable advice for entrepreneurial ventures and entrepreneurs.

The Sofa

The Sofa is a space for students and entrepreneurs to engage in dialogue, where important businessmen and changemakers share their business and life experiences. Our guests have included:

  • Carlos Cavelier
    “Coordinator of Dreams” of Alquería
  • Juan Manuel Barrientos
    Founder and creator of El Cielo
  • Juliana Barreto
    A “Shark” from Shark Tank Colombia
  • Daniella Moscarella
    A Colombian Entrepreneur who has founded 6 businesses
  • Patricia Bueno
    Founder of Al Agua Patos
  • Mateo Sangiovanni
    Founder of Ice Cream Parlor Orso Heladería
    Our highlights

    The Entrepreneurship 5K

    The Entrepreneurship 5K is a race that aims to promote sport and entrepreneurship as a life philosophy, fostering an entrepreneurial culture.