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Facultad de emprendimiento - D.Lab título

What is it?

This is our creative hub, devising ideas and solutions in the social and economic sectors within the framework of the SDGs. It aims to foster a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative potential within the Rosarista community and among our partners. It draws inspiration from diverse groups, innovative spaces, design thinking, and art.



Talleres Exposición Soñarte, los impresionistas, Exposición Soñarte, el cubismo, Exposición Somos Energía Creadora

We aim to

Foster creative potential and skills such as creativity, co-creation, teamwork, empathy, communication, adaptability, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative thinking in individuals.

Create active learning experiences that immerse individuals in interdisciplinary settings where they solve complex problems.

Create learning spaces for inspiring, reflecting, experimenting, and creating.

Contribute to the integration of University, Business, and State.

What can we offer you?

  1. UR Changemakers.
  2. UR Ideathon: This event is open to all of civil society, offering them the opportunity to contribute solutions and ideas for revitalizing our country’s business sector and social fabric. In this event there are challenges, tips, knowledge capsules, judges, expert guests, and networking opportunities.
Check out the videos here!


  1. DESIGN THINKING INNOVATION TOURNAMENT: The program will foster participants’ design thinking skills. They will learn from creative processes to co-create solutions. The methodological basis of this program is Design Thinking and the Art of Entrepreneurship. It enables participants to uncover insights, devise solutions, prototype, and validate ideas with real users in a relatively short space of time. Guided by methodology experts, interdisciplinary groups collaborate to:
    1.  Help us to better understand and better relate to our clients and users.
    2. Help us to transform information into feasible ideas.
    3. Help us to identify new opportunities for growth and innovation.
    4. Help us to devise solutions quicker and more efficiently.

  2. Devising innovative solutions with Design Thinking (winter school)
  3. MOOC Design Thinking and SDGs: Devising innovative solutions: On this course you will learn to use Design Thinking within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to understand complex problems and improve the quality of life of both people and organizations.

If you would like to learn more about Design Thinking, or if you have a great idea, send us an email at