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Terapia Ocupacional
Terapia Ocupacional



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Occupational Therapy

El The Occupational Therapy program at Universidad del Rosario offers a high quality comprehensive education. It focuses on training ethical professionals who are capable of communicating their ideas, leading, working collaboratively, thinking critically, and devising solutions to change the lives of people and communities through the profession.

We create interprofessional opportunities by providing learning spaces that bring together individuals from different health and human science professions. We use technology as a vital asset for human occupation, enhancing well-being, and advocating for equality.

Being an occupational therapist opens the door to diverse fields of work, including education, (pre-school, primary, and higher-level education), mental health, physical health, social well-being, and the corporate sector.

Program information

  • SNIES Code: 1296
  • Tuition fees per semester:  $ 9.352.000
  • 170 academic credits
  • Program name: Occupational Therapy
  • Type of education: University
  • Education level: Undergraduate
  • Program mode: In-person attendance
  • Qualification awarded: Bachelor in Occupational Therapy
  • Program location: Bogotá D.C.
  • Periodicity of admission: Each semester
  • Resolution number with effective term: 11906 of June 23, 2022, effective for 7 years
  • High-quality accreditation: 17214 of October 24, 2018, effective for 6 years
  • Duration: 10 semesters
  • Schedule: Daytime



Terapia Ocupacional?


   Our methodology is based on active learning, empowering students to take the lead in their pursuit of knowledge and in conducting research with the support of our teachers.

   We employ various strategies to make curiosity, interdisciplinary work, reflection, critical thinking, creative skills, and social and research responsibility integral aspects of our students’ professional development.

   The curriculum includes essential Occupational Therapy knowledge that will help you understand the meaning of occupation, its issues, and its impacts in five main areas: education, physical health, mental health, occupational health and safety, and community and social well-being.

   We aim to provide you with a robust training in theories, models, evaluations, techniques, and methods, enabling you to have an impact on and support people and communities throughout their lives.

   Within the robust curriculum, you’ll encounter a set of subjects referred to as core studies. In these courses, you will have the opportunity to explore and delve into topics related to health, context, and rehabilitation whilst developing skills for working and collaborating with other healthcare professionals.

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Play and learning

  • We provide a space where enjoyment and learning come together through play, as a means of intervention and as a part of life.
  • You will have access to tools for evaluating skills and recognizing the abilities of children and adolescents both with and without disabilities.
  • Here you will understand that learning is enjoyable and can be achieved in multiple ways.

Everyday activities

  • We provide a space for learning through real-world contexts and practical experiences.
  • You will be able to simulate how to provide support to enable people with disabilities to attain greater levels of independence and autonomy in their homes.
  • You will be able to create designs that allow surroundings to be adjusted to meet the needs of diverse populations.


  • In this space you will learn about the importance of using both simple and advanced technology to create splints and assistive products that enhance people’s daily life activities.
  • The aim is to design technology that meets needs in a Colombian context.
  • You will be able to create technological solutions alongside students from other degree courses, including Biomedical Engineering, Speech and Language Pathology, and Physiotherapy.


The teachers supporting your professional training have extensive academic, practical, and research experience in all fields of Occupational Therapy. They center their teaching approach around the student, focusing their methodology on active learning.

They have written various publications as part of their professional careers. They stand out for their research papers and have achieved various recognitions at academic and scientific events both nationally and internationally.

They have postgraduate degrees at both master's and doctoral levels. They are members of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) and occupy leadership roles in the most important Occupational Therapy organizations in Colombia. This includes Asociación Colombiana de Facultades de Terapia Ocupacional and Colegio Colombiano de Terapia Ocupacional.

Meet our team

Hospital Network

We have our own network of hospitals, including the Méderi Hospital, which encompasses both the Universitario Mayor Hospital and the Barrios Unidos Hospital, totaling approximately 1000 beds. This sets us apart from other universities offering an Occupational Therapy degree program.

We have more than 40 locations in Bogotá where you can put your knowledge into practice, along with exclusive agreements with other institutions.


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that you could have the leading role in!


Occupational Therapy students presenting research results during their work placements.

Poster presentations of projects carried out by Occupational Therapy students during their work placements, at the Books and Journals Club, a space for formative research.

Topics that are covered include inclusion in the labor market, aging processes, skills development in school children, the role of Occupational Therapy in emergency rooms, occupational justice and disability, promotion of interaction and social participation skills, entrepreneurship strategies for homeless people, eating disorders, educational strategies for Kangaroo Mother Care, among others.


To complete your degree, we offer the following


Research Assistantship

This option provides you with the opportunity to participate in ongoing research initiatives and improve your ability to analyze information, innovate, and create projects with high social and economic impact.

Coterminal studies

This will enable you to study master's level subjects in the final semesters of your professional training. Choosing this option will enable you to continue your postgraduate studies at Master's level.


With this option you can conduct research on a topic of your choice, under the guidance and support of one of the program’s research professors.

National or International Internship

This option involves undertaking academic work placements to study Occupational Therapy topics and processes in more detail whilst you exchange scientific and cultural knowledge regionally, nationally, and internationally. You may do this within Colombia or in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Chile, Spain, and Canada, as well as in other countries where the university has agreements.

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