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Pregrado en jurisprudencia
Pregrado en jurisprudencia


Leading and innovating in legal education

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Since 1653, our Faculty has trained excellent lawyers and has been the birthplace of significant legal and political transformations in the country. By studying Law at Universidad del Rosario, you will become a comprehensive, humanistic, analytical, and critical jurist who undertakes a commitment to the country within an academic context of high standards and quality. Our teaching program integrates national and international socio-legal debates, linking them to the learnings of other disciplines in a globalized context.

Información del programa.

  • Program name: Jurisprudence​
  • Qualification awarded: Lawyer​
  • Program mode: In-person attendance​
  • Type of education: University
  • Education level: Undergraduate​
  • Duration: 10 semesters​
  • 170 academic credits ​
  • Program location: Bogotá D.C.
  • Schedule: Daytime​​
  • Periodicity of admission: Biannual
  • SNIES Code: 1297
  • High-quality accreditation: Resolution 3152 of March 1, 2021, effective for 10 years.
  • Tuition fee per semester: $ 19.214.000 *

We are one of the two selected law faculties in Colombia.

We are among the best law schools, ranking #3 in Colombia, #8 in Latin America, and #95 in the world.

2022-2032​, High-quality accreditation from the Ministry of National Education - MEN. ​



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Our Faculty has a dynamic, flexible, and comprehensive law curriculum, which is at the forefront of legal, social, and technological debates. You will also be able to study the concepts of other sciences to understand the law from different perspectives and delve deeper into the areas of law that interest you through our offering of focus area subjects.

  • International Law and Globalization ​
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Policy ​
  • Human Rights, Justice, and Democracy ​
  • Environmental Law
  • Gender and Law ​
  • Technology and Law
  • Legal Theory and Humanities ​
  • Private Law*
  • Economic Law
  • State, Power, and Public Policies

*Contracts, corporations, family, labor, among others.


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Strengthen your


Degree track options:

You will be able to choose between Judiciary, Thesis, participating in research incubators and research projects, taking the first semester of a master's degree, competing in national and international competitions, or doing internships abroad.

Program-specific minors:
Deepen your knowledge in the area of law of your interest.



Interdisciplinary minors:
Strengthen your professional profile with subjects from other schools or faculties.





Prospective student

The Law program is designed for individuals who have a taste and interest in understanding, adapting, and proposing changes to the world around them, as well as those who are passionate about the ways in which the law enables the prevention and resolution of social conflicts in any of its dimensions. 




You will be a comprehensive lawyer with a solid training in ethical and legal principles, and a global perspective. This training will enable you to develop analytical and critical skills to investigate, prevent, and resolve conflicts, relying on legal and interdisciplinary, timely, and innovative solutions. Thanks to this professional outlook, you will be able to contribute to building a better country. 




Graduates of the Jurisprudence program at Universidad del Rosario will be able to perform with great versatility and leadership in any area of the modern world in which a lawyer has the vocation to participate, such as an advisor, consultant, entrepreneur, or litigant in public, private, corporate, or social organizations on a national and international level. They may also work as a judge, legislator, public servant, or in academia as a university professor or researcher in interdisciplinary teams. 



Admissions requirements

 To be admitted to the program you must meet the following requirements:

 Be enrolled at Universidad del Rosario.

 Complete the admissions tests and interviews required by the university in its Admissions Policy, depending on the specific requirements of each academic unit.

 The admission or not of the applicant will be decided according to the program’s eligibility and admissions criteria.

 Enrollment: You must enroll during each enrollment period, based on the academic calendar.



Universidad del Rosario has multiple spaces where you will strengthen your learning process through innovative and constructive pedagogical experiences. We have a courtroom with the latest technology, allowing for simulation exercises and collaborative learning; rooms for completing negotiation and conciliation exercises; laboratories for the university’s various campuses, enabling the implementation of methodologies for legal training; and all the spaces provided in the Resource Center for Learning and Research (CRAI).



The team of professors at our Faculty comprises experts in different fields of law, and more than 90% of them hold doctorates. They actively participate in national and international research projects, and are part of consultancies and advisors to international organizations and public and private sector entities.


In this space, you will find the opinions of our professors reflected in the media, stating their positions on national, regional, and global issues.