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Leer autorización y política de Tratamiento de Datos Personales.*

Autorizo el tratamiento de mis datos personales a la Universidad del Rosario bajo su Política de Tratamiento de Datos Personales.

The UR International Summer School offers an academic and international experience to undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in deepening their knowledge in issues of global and regional trends, along with national and international teachers of the highest level.

Research for a better country
Universidad del Rosario invests in innovation in all teaching, research, and outreach processes.

Faculty of excellence
We have a top performance academic staff, professionals with PhDs, master’s degrees, and graduate diplomas.

A high-performance academic community
We have received the high quality institutional accreditation by the Colombian National Education Ministry.

365 years of history that inspire our future
Since 1653, URosario has contributed to the social, political, and economic development of Colombia.


Welcome to Colombia

Colombia is a tropical country with great diversity and charm. Its history is full of mystery, adventure and culture. The country is located in northeast South America. It is the only country in the region with coasts on both the Caribbean and the Pacific. Colombia is bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. Colombia can connect to different continents thanks to its modern airports and partnerships with major airlines.

Welcome to Bogotá

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia located in the center of the country and a place with hundreds of sites to see and activities to do. Bogotá offers a variety of attractions ranging from museums, historical centers, parks, theaters, etc.

Note: Information taken and adapted from Colombia.Travel

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