Philosophy Program

Philosophy Program

Studying philosophy at the Universidad del Rosario opens the door for you to immerse yourself in the study of the conceptual frameworks. These skills will enable you to enter into a critical dialog with other disciplinary arrays, either in the field of the social and human sciences or in the natural and formal sciences.

You will also be able to make use of such abilities in order to contribute to the reading and interpretation of the national and international state of affairs. The education you will receive in philosophy, with an openly humanist spirit, will encourage you to be an active subject in the dynamics of changing reality, prioritizing ethical responsibility towards the natural and social environment.

SNIES code: 1300

8 semesters or 144 credits earned
High quality accreditation for eight years with Resolution No. 5089 of April 10, 2014.

Program name: Philosophy Program

Program type: University

Program level: Undergraduate

Study mode: Face to face

Qualification awarded: Bachelor in Philosophy

Study location: Bogotá

Class schedule: Daytime

Admission frequency: Every semester

Official registration: Resolution No. 20180 of April 10, 2014, valid for 8 years

Program duration: 8 semesters

¿Dónde vas a estudiar?
Sede Urosario

Where are you going to study?

Claustro campus

Your main campus will be the Cloister, where you encounter the ideal environment for your education. You will also be able to access other spaces such as the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and the Quinta de Mutis campus, which offer extensive green spaces and cultural and historical offerings.

Cl. 12c # 6 - 25