History program

History program

Our program offers students the tools they need to think historically. This involves understanding the historical nature of both the present and the past, of what we are and what we have been.Historians understand that they themselves, and the world that surrounds them - including the institutions, behaviors, movements, world views, and ways of thinking and even feeling that we sometimes find natural and obvious - have undergone a winding journey that has not yet reached its end.

Through an understanding of the diversity of human experience and how it has changed over time, based on its historicity, the History program promotes the exercise of critical thought, which applies to the study of both the past and also the present.The program aims to achieve this goal by providing tools for a critical evaluation of the past and the present, on the basis of an in-depth knowledge of the classical and contemporary theoretical debates that have guided historical thought.

 The program is also characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, robust research skills training, an approach to history based on local, national and global perspectives, and by educating critical historians that are concerned with the construction of a fairer society.

Similarly, we provide close support from the faculty so that students can direct their academic interests, in addition to a broad internationalization pathway that is formalized through agreements with numerous foreign universities where students can study for up to two academic periods.This is accompanied by the constant involvement of visiting professors who give conferences or seminars as part of the program, something that aims to promote a broad, relevant and pertinent view of the past, present and future. 

SNIES code: 51887

8 semesters or 144 credits earned

Program name: History program

Program type: University

Program level: Undergraduate

Study mode: Face to face

Qualification awarded: Bachelor of History

Study location: Bogotá

Class schedule: Daytime

Admission frequency: Every semester

Official registration: 16100 of August 4, 2016 valid for 8 years

Program duration: 8 semesters

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Claustro campus

Your main campus will be the Cloister, where you encounter the ideal environment for your education. You will also be able to access other spaces such as the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and the Quinta de Mutis campus, which offer extensive green spaces and cultural and historical offerings.

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